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El Paso Sound and high-quality audio, video and lighting are important in any venue, allowing you to effectively communicate to your guests. Crosby Sound-Lighting-Video-Backline Services has many years of experience with various sound and lighting system applications so you can address your visitors, make an audible toast or just share in the revelry of the day.


Crosby Sound-Lighting-Video-Backline / Production and Rental company provides full production for all 4 services at reasonable rates. Production is defined as delivery, set-up, & technical support for on-site operation of all equipment. Rental is defined as equipment picked up and returned by the customer.


Regarding sound systems in El Paso, we specialize primarily in JBL & EV, 2 levels, for the needs of small to medium venues, public or private, as is our lighting. Regarding back line, we “specialize” in back line production for national fly-in acts that perform in concert who do not bring their stage gear.


Backline is defined as drums, percussion, guitar-bass-keyboard amps, keyboards, electric & acoustic guitars, electric & acoustic basses. “All” our concert backline is professional high end, top level gear used by famous touring acts. We have 2nd & 3rd level backline for other requirements.


We also rent “all” 3 levels of backline to the pick-up customer for personal, private, or public events, no matter the size. Production-wise, we have provided backline from country acts like Marty Stewart and Lee Greenwood, to jazz-pop’s Tony Bennet, to rock’s Blue Oyster Cult, Ever clear, to American Chicano rock band Los Lobos….many, many more, hundreds actually, too numerous to mention here.


We also do production and rental of DJ equipment, disco systems, and special effects lighting. We also have LCD projectors and screens to rent via the pick-up customer, or provide production. Whatever your needs, we can create an engineered system to fulfill your special acoustical and aesthetic needs.


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